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The Story Behind The Iceberg Pool Image, Australia

There is something you might not know about me- my dream "when I grow up " was to be an Olympic Swimmer ! Apart from sitting in front of a Black and White tv box watching Jaques Costeau documentaries for hours I also used to watch Olympic swimming races non stop on end wishing I was there myself. My family used to say I was like a little fish or mermaid as I was always in the swimming pool on our weekend house outside Barcelona and one of my favourite films is the Big Bleu where I fell in love with the gorgeous French actor Jean Marc Barr ! So as you can see there is a pattern love for the ocean.

I'm also obsessed of taking pictures of swimming pools and the sea in my travels and watching how people interact around it.. When I was in Cape Town I took images of the open air swimming pool in Sea Town and in Bondi I had to take images no matter what of the iconic Iceberg Pool! But it wasn't such an easy task, I did three journeys until I got the image, each journey with heavy camera bag in toe, consisting of 50 mins each way - a train and bus!! My first visit by the time I got there the light was not good and started to be nighttime being on winter time, the second attempt I arrived at 8 am before meeting friends for brunch, but i couldn't believe my eyes as when I got there there was NO water in the pool!!! It was empty as it was 'cleaning day' !! So my last attempt and only chance was the following day before getting an airplane to Brisbane at 1 pm which me and time don't go hand in hand so it was quite a risk!!! But I had to do it!! So alarm was at 6 am, left for my 50 mins journey, heavy camera bag and when I got there I spent over an hour non stop taking photos making sure the wave splashed it as the swimmers where standing there etc..I was so caught up in my own world (no i didn't miss the airplane this time !) that unknown to me I had a crowd of Japenese tourist watching me smiling have my moment! I was asked recently for some career advice by someone that wasn't sure weather to open a health shop or become a photographer and my advice was if you can and have a choice find something if you have to put in many hour work you are actually happy even if is right through the night as you are happy doing what you love!

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