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Morning Noosa!

Having flown from Sydney to from Brisbane followed by a two hour car journey to Noosa late in the day it was dark to see the location surroundings. Early on Sunday morning at 6 am, I tipped out of the house to enjoy a little 'me time' and explore the area. After a 10 minute walk looking for the beach I stumbled a crowd of about 20 people on a bit of greenery on top of a hill facing the Ocean. Some where standing, others sitting on the grass, on their bike or leaning to their parked car having a take away coffee.

I was curious of what might be happening in the sea that I was unaware of as there were only a couple of surfers in sight and not much more going on I asked a lovely old lady that was sitting on the bicycle with her coffee and she said..oh nothing is happening other that contemplating the waves and the sky, can you see how beautiful it is? Of course she was right, we got chatting for half an hour and then left as her husband was calling her on the phone asking were the croissants were, so I then got talking to a guy leaning against his jeep with his coffee too, as he too was there contemplating the Ocean and told me all about the behaviour of the whales and other sea facts until we parted our ways.

It made my day not only to see the beautiful Ocean but also oh how wonderful to see locals appreciate what they have, not take it for granted and truly enjoy it so really warmed my heart, utterly priceless the simple treats of life gives us!

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