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Thursday evening -21.48 pm

Is late at night and it has been another long day.

Lying in the sofa reading my book, fairy lights and candles making it all cozy and a sweet melody is filling up the room. The soundtrack to the old movie Betty Blue starts playing with the beautiful melody of the saxophone taking me somewhere else… it is such a romantic sound that makes everything so beautiful

I close my eyes and go back a few years when i was a student and fell in love with this movie, so did my friends. I read the book a couple of times, listened to the music whilst driving on summer nights in my cabriolet VW beetle car roof down looking at the stars in empty country roads whilst everyone in the was shouting ahhhhhh betty blueee, loveee it !!!! I watched the film more than 20 times- always skipping the sad ending and many times my friends and i would watch it after a late boozy night out in my apartment whilst dreaming up of love stories.

I loved the way it was filmed, the morning coffee scene, the simplicity of their lifestyle but it didn’t matter because they where so much in love with each other with utterly adoration and passion that nothing else mattered, it was perfectly romantic and we all aspired to having that love story, finding our soulmate.

So that’s how my love for independent and french / European movies evolved which has been my inspiration for my images ever since, because as i read somewhere recently- ‘ your brand is what defines you ‘

These photos where taken of lovely french couple in London in my old neighbourhood a year ago where i used to live as it reminded me of Paris and I thought it was just perfect for the shoot as i always plan ahead.


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