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Mood Board and Ideas for a photo shoot in Cornwall

4.57 pm Friday 15 May

I’m walking around the studio happily barefoot tidying up after a few days of non stop portrait sessions.

Nora Jones is signing beautiful soft melodies, the scent of a citrus candle is burning away, fairy lights light up the room are making it all cozy, the windows and door are open letting the sounds of wildlife and sun-rays in as Milo and Mia my little rescue tiggers walk in and out with curiosity trying to figure out whats going on.

I then collect my sketch book full of ideas on upcoming photoshoots I’m planning in the coast over the next few days and exchange messages with a lovely florist that I’ve only met virtually through here in Instagram, which Is going to provide me with beautiful flowers for the shoot ! So we are talking mood boards and colour schemes, which is a fun part of creating a photo shoot.

Time to have a break, drink my fennel tea and catch up on other messages in LinkedIn ( which I’ve started using regularly in case anyone is there too, then again you might have enough of me just here :-)))

I see a message from my old housemate when we shared our apartment in London, he was from Cornwall but left for New York. I ask him for local recommendations to my surprise a response he is there too!

So looking forward to meeting good old friends Fi, Crazy dentist Simon and lovely Yvonne, catching up after many many years with Darryn and hearing all about New York and meeting new lovely people I'm going to be working with !

Funny.. I thought i was going to be on my own reflecting, soul searching, taking pictures and reading, it turns out might be quite a busy few days ahead :-) !


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