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6.39 am Mother’s day 27 March 2022

For -

Those with good mother relationships

Those who have lost mothers

Those who never had a mother

Those with mother strained relationships

Mother’s with child strained relationships

Mother’s who have lost children

Those who long to be mothers

Those who have chosen not to be a mother

Those who are mothers


And to all the women + mothers in Ukraine and worldwide wishing for a better tomorrow ♥️🙏🏼


*image taken of lovely @lucyscott_smith who we had not met before and ended up chatting for hours before the photoshoot over cups of teas about anything and everything, including her acting stories in the series of the Crown !

There was lots of laughter and tears specially after this image as the news of Ukraine were coming through the radio in the background, we hugged and said our goodbyes after so many emotions and looking forward to photographing Lucy with her baby when is born.


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