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11.48 am 24 February 2022

Sitting in silence in front of my computer planning photoshoots with little rescue mini tigers in toe Mia and Milo, sipping my lemon and honey tea.

With a temperature of 7 degrees outside, the sun peeking through the clouds giving us signs that beautiful Spring is on its way. Birds are singing gorgeous melodic tunes, the village church bells are ringing in the near distance whilst a deer is walking through the garden past the cute squirrels running around, sounds of airplanes up in the air are making me think of travel and holidays.

Inside the room I'm back to focusing and organising upcoming photoshoots for clients and personal projects. Which for me means meet ups with other creatives such as make up artists and designers; location scouting, creating mood boards of the style and look of the shoot, researching on film stills and looking for props online.

I love the process of preparing for a photoshoot as much as taking photos and then editing, Im lucky to say I love my job!




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