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Vivia Maier, The Nanny Photographer

Monday blues non existent today with this beautiful sunny day, although it is ever so cold and frosty everywhere but really picturesque!! . .Going through things in the studio as aiming to finish decorating it for all the new look in 2020, i come across a beautiful book i have on my shelf of Vivian Maier, so I thought id share a couple of her images here as also quite topical with my recent US travel stories!

.For those that don’t know of Vivian Maier 1926-2009 her wonderful work was discovered not long ago at an auction of a box containing tons of negatives of an unknown photographer - she took 150,000 in her lifetime.

Vivian worked as a nanny for forty years and in her spare time she wondered the streets of Chicago, New York and Los Angeles taking images of people and architecture. You can see more information in the official website page here and on a documentary film made a couple of years ago, which can now be seen in Amazon Prime here !

Unknown then and now worldwide, what a bitter sweet story. Have a fantastic week everyone X



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