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Celebrating 35 years together and celebrating 30 years married this year I had the pleasure to do a photo shoot in their hometown, Brighton Sussex to celebrate their wedding anniversary. The LOVELY couple were also celebrating the news that Anna had won a competition and was crowned " Miss Brighton" !

After many messages and phone-calls back and forth to arrange the portrait session, location, props and wardrobe with some guidance from my mood boards it was so lovely to finally meet Anna and Mark as arranged, early evening as the sun was setting on the beach in Hove near Brighton. We laughed a lot and share a glass of bubbly afterwards to toast the photo session and wedding anniversary !

Here is a little insight on how they met and a little bit about Anna and Mark, which as you can see the images speak fro themselves on how much they love each other and are truly soulmates ! Lucky them !

How old are you and where are you from ? ( No need to say age )

Anna- I’m 52 and from Brighton, I have lived in this area most of my life

Mark - I’m 54 and also from Brighton

Where do you live ?

We live in a small village called South Heighton

What jobs do you do / career ?

Anna- I work in the hair and beauty department at our local college, I am also a part time model and TV/Film Extra.

Mark- I’m a Furniture designer and maker, I also have my own Cleaning company.

How long have you been together ?

We will have been together 35 years this year

How did you meet ?

Anna had gone to a wine bar to meet a friend of mine, luckily he was in the toilet and I managed to pursued her to leave with me.

Who did the chasing ? :-))

Anna- Mark did it took me a week to cave in

Mark- I did, but how could she resist

Who is the funniest ?

Anna - Mark is, well that’s what he’d tell you

Mark- Definitely me

Who is the tidiest ?

Anna- Do you really need to ask, I still haven’t got him trained after 34 years so I think I might have to give up one day

Mark- Define tidy?

Who is the best dancer ?

Anna- I am, I’m not a dancer but I can do a bit more than dad dance

Mark- Nothing wrong with a dad dance

Best singer ?

Anna- Me M hahahaha, actually singing is in my blood, but I have now discovered that it’s not your blood that sings

" What's your idea of a romantic moment ?

Anna- Time together away from it all, doesn’t matter where but abroad would be good
Mark- Fish and chips on the seafront "

Who is more romantic?

Anna- mmmm I think probably Mark

Mark- Definitely me

Any future life dreams or bucket lists?

Anna- I would love to make it as a model, own a Fiat 500 (with white steering wheel) and do

some more travelling

Mark- To get my own workshop to start making furniture again

What's your idea of a romantic moment ?

Anna- Time together away from it all, doesn’t matter where but abroad would be good

Mark- Fish and chips on the seafront

Best romantic memory moment ?

Anna- Saying I do

Mark- Seeing Dirty Dancing for the 16th time

Favourite way to spend Sunday ?

Anna- Out and about walking in the countryside

Mark- In bed....... Or being dragged around the bloody countryside

Favourite Drink / Meal ?

Anna- Lemonade and Lime, (I’m allergic to alcohol) Pizza and cheesy chips (I’m a cheap date)

Mark- Lemonade and Lime, cauliflower cheese, it was the first meal we had together and

went back for the same thing in the same pub once a week for about 3 years.

Do you have any tips on having a good lasting relationship ?

If you are planning on spending the rest of your life with someone make sure they are

your best friend and soulmate. Fun and laughter. The rest you can work out as you go.

Mark - Remember when she says you are wrong you are wrong, even if you’re right.

Anna- That’s because you are always wrong


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