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Looking forward to simple things after lockdown

Walking through my local village aiming my daily target of 10.000 steps with woolly hat on, scarf, coat, walking boots, headphones whilst listening to podcasts of interviews from photographers across the world, my new found obsession, I'm literally lost in my little world.

When I get to the local park, dogs and runners are running around as I walk past other like minded people lost in their own thoughts whilst they shily glance up to give me a smile and a nod when giving way with two meter distance.


Then I start thinking how we are all wrapped up in our own invisible bubbles craving for simple things some of us used to take for granted.

So I have created a compilation of iconic beautiful images via Pinterest, which represent what I think most of us miss and look forward to having back in our lives sometime this year🤞 - connection, and freedom- and health of course, I hope you like them ;-)

Not wearing a mask and seeing love all around.


Children's laughter


Freedom and travel to explore


Crowded commutes ( nuts I know, but I miss them! )

Having drinks/ margaritas with friends and dancing until sunrise

Being carefree to goof around without a worry

Meet new and old faces to photograph and have fun creative photo shoots.




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