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Sundowners in Watsons Bay, Australia

Sundowners in Watson bay, as recommended by new Oz residents and UK friends Kevin and

Sian. If you happen to be in Bondi a little treat is to do a 5 km coastal walk to Watsons Bay as

it boasts of sandstone cliffs and amazing panoramic views of the Tasman Sea along the way -or

jump on a bus if time is key. Once there you can contemplate the amazing coastal views

surrounded by beautiful colourful singing parrots followed by a stroll down to the the beach bar at Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel by the bay to enjoy a cocktail or two and embrace a spectacular Sunset with Sydney as a breathtaking backdrop!

On the way back to Sydney centre from Watsons Bay there are plenty of boats that will take you across back to the city which you can use your travel card as it is a very popular way of public transport around the city!.Oh how wonderful to commute around Sydney after work (as many do ) in a ferry and have stunning sunsets as part of your daily journey home, priceless!

Amazing Sunsets on the ferry back to Sydney center from Watsons Bay.

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