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Dorothea Lange Exhibition

“The camera is an instrument that teaches people to see without a camera.”​ Dorothea Lange.

Yesterday I visited the Barbican's exhibition of Dorothea Lange's photographs. A powerful and impressive collection of 300 images depicting America through the times of the Great Depression and its devastating impact on its migrants searching a better life in California. There is also a collection of images from the evacuation of Japanese- Americans during Pearl Harbour. Although the images show a part of American history, nevertheless it made me think a lot of a certain similarity with current situations and struggles people are going through in different parts of the world which I found totally heartbreaking to think in parts things haven't moved forward. Tomorrow is the last day for those that might wish to visit.

family walking on a highway with their five children from Idabel to Krebs in Oklahoma, June 1938. Photograph: The Dorothea Lange Collection/Oakland Museum of California

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